FAQ - VoucherMe

Frequently Asked Questions

User FAQ

How do I purchase an eVoucher?

5 simple steps!

  1. Select the business you would like to buy the eVoucher from.
  2. Personalise your eVoucher, i.e. Pick a suitable card and write your message.
  3. Select the delivery method, either email or text.
  4. Choose to deliver it immediately or schedule it for a later date and time.
  5. Securely pay using Stripe with your Visa or MasterCard.
Are there any additional fees?

None! You are only charged the value of the voucher you are purchasing.

What if the recipient doesn’t have a smartphone?

No problem. During the checkout process, choose to deliver the eVoucher by;

a) Text message and the recipient can show this to staff when they go to redeem the voucher.

b) Email and the recipient can print this out and bring that with them when they want to redeem the voucher.

I didn’t use all of the eVoucher’s value, how can I check the balance?

We keep all of the information about your eVoucher stored safely so if there is a balance you can check it by opening the original link you received to view your eVoucher.

Can I schedule the delivery of my gift?

Yes you can! During the checkout process you can either choose ‘Immediate Delivery’ or pick a preferred date and time in the future to send the eVoucher.

What if I want a hard copy voucher instead of an eVoucher?

Well at VoucherMe, we do try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but if you would prefer to get a hard copy voucher from a business, then you can pick this option during the checkout process. There is a €3.75 fee for this service. P.S They would also miss out on receiving their cool animated ecard which is much snazzier!

Does the recipient need to be registered to get the eVoucher?

The recipient does not need to be a registered user on VoucherMe to receive their voucher.

I’ve sent an eVoucher to the wrong email/phone number?!

Ooooops... If an eVoucher has been sent to the wrong email address/phone number you will have to contact us ASAP to get this sorted before it may be used. It’s so important to double check the delivery details of the recipient are correct.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind on a purchase?

Unfortunately, no. We are a service provider between you and a business so once a sale goes through, it is final.

Merchant FAQ

What is an eVoucher?

eVouchers are simply digital versions of the traditional hard copy vouchers you currently sell to your customers.

How does VoucherMe work?

VoucherMe provides you with a 24/7 solution so customers can purchase your vouchers online from anywhere in the world. After purchase, a personalised eVoucher is delivered to the recipient instantly or at a time of their choosing, via email or text message, so there's no shipping cost and it can never be lost or stolen.

How Many vouchers can I expect to sell through VoucherMe?

Of course this number is impossible to estimate but if you consider;

a) your gift vouchers become available to purchase 24/7 so your vouchers are available even when you’re closed

b) you capture the last minute gift market, and

c) you make your vouchers available to a global audience.

Couple that with you actively promoting eVouchers to your loyal customers and social media fans, we can guarantee that you will see an increase in voucher sales.

Who maintains my voucher store?

We’ll do everything to assist you during the set-up stage and after that you have complete control over your online store. Once you create your store listing you’ll find that you won’t need to do very much, other than redeeming. After that just watch the money roll in!

How do customers redeem an eVoucher?

Customers present their eVoucher on their phone (or printed) ‘in-store’ and you validate it by entering the unique 5-digit code on your dashboard. VoucherMe is a fully cloud based service so all your voucher sales are safely stored for you to view with the click of a few buttons.

What happens if a customer doesn’t use all of the voucher’s value?

Don’t worry, we keep all of this information safely stored so if there is a balance after use it will automatically update on the customer’s eVoucher.

Can VoucherMe be integrated with my current website?

Yes! All you need to do is add a gift voucher button on your existing website. We then link VoucherMe to the button and provide you with your very own online gift voucher shop. Your shop is accessible on your website and we can make it appear on your Facebook page too so fans can buy directly through your social media channels.