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Merchant Benefits


With the new normal we are all living with your eVouchers are a no-touch product that your customer will receive directly to their mobile phone. When the customer visits your business to redeem the voucher there is no need to handle anything from them as all you need to do is read the unique voucher code off their device.

Online 24/7

Did you know that 40% of people shop online outside of regular business hours? Through VoucherMe you are online to the rest of the world 24/7, and a raised online presence will increase your voucher sales.

No upfront fees

With VoucherMe there are no registration fees or monthly/yearly subscription costs.

All money is automatically transferred into your MangoPay account.

Online Redemptions

If your website is built on the Shopify or WordPress platforms then we can easily integrate our system with your website, allowing online redemptions during the Checkout process.

ePOS System Integration

We are all about integrations at VoucherMe so we are more than happy to talk to your ePOS Company about an integration, giving you a much more streamlined gift voucher solution.

Mobile friendly

98% of internet traffic is now on mobile devices, so with VoucherMe you can rest assured that our platform will have your business looking it's best on any device, any where at any time!

Serve your customers 365 days a year, even while you sleep

Because we are online 24/7, when your business is closed and you are tucked up in your bed, you are still making money. I love it!

Environmentally friendly

Mother Nature will thank you for making the switch to paperless vouchers and it will also reduce your costs of printing hard copy vouchers.

Free up your staff

It take 10 minutes for a member of your staff to process a voucher for a customer who has walked into your business.

Let's say you sell 300 vouchers a year, then that works out at 3,000 minutes, or 50 hours, or 6 working days of your staff's time taken up with hard copy vouchers. I'm sure you can think of much better things that your talented staff can be doing!

Connect with our Diaspora

Imagine Seamus in Australia who wants to treat his Mammy for Mother's Day. Well now all he has to do is find your business on VoucherMe and send her a personalised eVoucher by email or text all the way from the other side of the world. Now that's love!


Expand your customer base by offering promotions to all VoucherMe Users. People like nothing more than a discount so give them what they want!


Competitions help to increase customer loyalty and engagement. How do you think wininng a pampering session for you and your bestie would go down?! Treat your customers well and they will be with you for life.

Separate Your Voucher Revenue

With VoucherMe, all your revenue from voucher sales is kept safe in your MangoPay account, where you can also keep track of every transaction and payouts to your nominated bank account.

Merchant Pricing

Our pricing model is very simple.

First off there is no initial set up cost, contracts or ongoing monthly fees.

We just charge 3% commission per transaction + VAT, so we only make money when you do!

How We Work With Your Business:
The above commission includes everything; the MangoPay fee, as well as creating, processing and sending the voucher so you don't need to worry about a thing.
As soon as someone buys a voucher, the money is transferred automatically from our MangoPay account to yours.
You can keep track of all your transactions in your Merchant Dashboard.