User Benefits - VoucherMe

User Benefits


Now, from the comfort of your home, office or at 1am in your bed, you can purchase that special someone an eVoucher in minutes.

No fees

There are no fees for using VoucherMe, it's that simple!

Open 24/7

Even when a business is closed, we are always open. Next time you wake up with a dart at 4am and realise it's your bestie's birthday, with a few clicks on your phone you can have their favourite gift voucher sent and waiting to be opened on their phone when they wake up. What a BFF you are!

Let's get personal

Within minutes you will have created a personalised eVoucher, which you can instantly email or text to that someone special.

Forgot That Special Occasion?

Admit it, we've all been there. Rather than racing around the shops looking in vain for a last minute gift, you can simply use our service to buy the perfect gift voucher for that special someone. Say how much you love them with a fully personalised eVoucher, and Tadaaaa, we've got you out of jail!! Thank You VoucherMe.

Now Where Did I Leave That Voucher?

Who hasn't lost a hard copy voucher at some stage? With VoucherMe your purchases are safe forever in your User Dashboard, and you can even resend an eVoucher to someone who deleted one off their device.

Environmentally friendly

Mother Nature will thank you for ditching the plastic or paper vouchers.

We are global

How about getting a voucher for your friend's favourite restaurant? But wait, they're in London?! Well fear not, if the restaurant are not registered on VoucherMe you let us know and we will remedy that asap.


Who doesn't love a bit of a deal?! Subscribe to our mailing list and you will get occasional emails letting you know of promotions from your favourite businesses.

Check your Voucher balance

If a recipient didn't use all their voucher's value when redeeming it, then all they have to do is reopen the link they got and the new balance will be displayed on their voucher......simple!